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ARREGOGREEN’s system is an aerobic composting systems, it is a highly compact composting unit where
natural microorganism along with fresh air is used to breakdown & decompose. The entire process is aerobic, natural
and biological. Our systems are very energy efficient, economical and easy to use. Our aerobic composting
systems is an in‐bin composting system hence the issue of bad odor, rodents and scavengers affecting the
process is all taken care off.

How it works?

Each of our units contain of 2 compartments, To process your waste into organic compost all you need to do is fill all your biodegradable waste along with your shredded dry leaves or sawdust into compartment no.1 daily until you fill it up to 90%. Make sure to rotate the bin everyday after filling.


Step 1

What can be composted?


Fruits & vegetables

What cannot be composted?



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